Family Owned & Operated
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About Us

Bill Bond Sr. 
For over 40 years, Bill Sr. has worked in the railroad construction industry.   Together with his wife Dorothy, the two of them built a solid company with a well established reputation for quality and dependability.   Bill Sr. has a strong knowledge of the business and works directly with our clients and suppliers on a day to day basis.  

Bill Bond II
In 1986, Bill Bond Jr. joined the family business after completing college.   He manages the crew and handles a majority of the day to day operations on the job site as well as provides bids and estimates for new jobs.  Bill handles emergency repairs and maintenance and has become a reliable resource for his clients.

Jim Erickson
Jim joined the company in the early 1980's and has been responsible for maintaining the crew, providing safety assessments and implementing quality control measures.   His attention to detail is a quality that is greatly appreciated by our clients.

Bill Bond III
Better known as 'Trey', Bill Bond III is still pursuing his education but anxious to become a contributor to the family business.  Although not yet present on the job site, he can be found on weekends and evenings around the shop and the office.
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